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**UPDATE (August 1, 2014)** I’m excited to announce that four of Auburn’s finest bookstores will carry Orange Is Our Color this football season:


Orange Is Our Color is the story of Auburn Football in the Tuberville era. The Tuberville decade’s impact on the Auburn Family is still active and visible today.

Tuberville’s teams won 85 games, including an incredible run of 50 wins over five seasons, with one perfect season and an SEC championship. The Tuberville decade is also a time when the Auburn Family came together to demonstrate the remarkable unity of the Auburn Spirit.

Orange Is Our Color celebrates both Auburn’s success on the field, and the experience of being an Auburn fan, with stories of tailgating triumphs, road-game misadventures and near ejections from Jordan-Hare Stadium.

From Jetgate, to “Fear the Thumb,” the Tuberville decade is a part of the Auburn Family’s identity. The meaningfulness of these events is why the Tuberville era still matters. The lasting impact of the trials and the triumphs is why, even today, Orange Is Our Color.

Orange is our color photo

Available at J&M Bookstore (both locations)!

Click here!

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