Auburn's New Video Board

Auburn’s new video board is steadily getting closer to its big debut, one panel at a time. And, like Bo Jackson, each panel is going over the top (of the support structure) before being lowered into position. Here’s what it looks like from the West side parking lot.

And speaking of Bo Jackson—some oblivious (or just inconsiderate) motorist stopped in the street while I was shooting the above video. After I had ignored him for 15 seconds—because, you know, I was obviously doing something—he inserts his voice into the scene. He wanted directions to the “Bo Jackson statue.” Really, he wanted to know the secret to seeing the statue without burning a single calorie; an option I told him was unavailable, though, now, I think it was. I was distracted.

Anyhow—it seemed that they installed two panels within the 30 minutes or so that I was hanging around. But, when I checked later in the day, it was clear they didn’t maintain that pace. Maybe they stop to do some wiring after every few panels? How many panels will there be? Well, take a look at this:

So, apparently there will be at least 1,782 panels. I think I’m either misinterpreting the tweet, or what I’m calling panels are actually sections. In other words, the lift-truck below must be moving two sections (facing each other); not just two panels.

I enjoyed observing the installation for a little while. For the panel before the one in the video, I was standing closer to the crane, and could hear the spotter radioing instructions to the operator.

These are times of change on the Plains. Toomer’s Corner is changing (still changing; changing more). The stadium is changing. And, we hope to see some changes on the field, changes we’ll enjoy seeing again, amplified on Jay Jacob’s really big TV.

Football season starts soon. Get those panels up! War Eagle!