No one voice speaks for the Heart of Auburn. The title of this site is not a claim, but an aspiration based on one foundational belief—the uniqueness of Auburn. There are other schools, and there are people who love their school and their teams, and there are folks who believe their culture is the one that stands alone. But anyone who looks closely at this family can see that, in some undefinable way, it is distinct. There is something special, something singular, at the Heart of Auburn.

On this site you will find attempts to speak, yes—sometimes for—but more often, to the Heart of Auburn. We will engage the traditions and topics that take their character from the Auburn spirit. Sometimes we’ll go down roads of historical investigation; we’ll also document the experiences of the Auburn Family today. Sometimes we’ll take things a little too seriously; but we’ll also have a lot of fun. Such is the complexity of life, the richness involved in being an Auburn man or woman. The greatness can be felt both in triumph and in disappointment, but it’s always great to be an Auburn Tiger.

Now, just who is running the show around here? Currently the chief writer is Josh Dowdy, who a few years ago wrote a book about the Tuberville decade. The title of that book, Orange is Our Color, made sense for a study of those years, but didn’t speak for itself as an ongoing website name.

And right now we’re still transitioning into the new site. More changes are coming, and the site will be updated much more frequently after July 4th as we begin the rev up for football season. In the meantime, here are some popular posts that give an idea of what’s going on here.

Thank you for visiting Heart of Auburn. Every Auburn man and woman has a unique Auburn experience, and it takes all those voices to tell the story. We hope you’ll join the conversation, and be a regular guest here at the Heart of Auburn.

W A R  E A G L E ! ! !