Auburn Softball Stadium War Eagle

Change has been the constant at Auburn for a long time, but this year is exceptional. The image of Auburn’s campus is undergoing substantial, long-lasting changes that affect the very experience of being on the Plains. Here are five images that help tell the story of this rapid development. Some are (or may be) pictures that represent new, but seemingly stable scenes. Others are snapshots in the middle of evolution. All are uniquely Auburn. Let’s take a look.

1. The Beard-Eaves Eagle Over the Softball Field

War Eagle Auburn Softball

Let’s start with one that’s gotten some attention recently, and that makes a connection to the past. The eagle that now watches over Auburn Softball at Jane B. Moore Field previously welcomed fans to Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum. The sculpture was unveiled on Dec 2, 1989. That date holds a prominent place in the heart of the Auburn Family, but it wasn’t until the eagle was taken down that I learned when it had gone up.

And when I first learned where the eagle was returning to flight, I was a little disappointed. In its new location, the accessibility is lost. You can’t just stroll right under it, taking it for granted like we did walking up the coliseum. But, it does look great at the softball field, and, I can’t argue with the results.

By the way, you can, at the right time, get under it, but watch your head!

Auburn Softball Eagle

2. The Auburn Oaks

New Toomer's Oaks Auburn

These two heroes provide the most obvious first year photo for 2015.  It’s also one we won’t be able to take—not exactly—in 2016. The current Magnolia Ave oak looks as bad as you’ve heard. It will be leaving Toomer’s Corner soon. Of course, there’s a lot of change happening at the world’s most Auburn intersection. That brings us to our next photo.

3. Toomer’s Corner All Dug Up

Toomer's Corner construction

On eight or so Saturdays each fall, Toomer’s Corner must withstand a hundred-years’ pedestrian storm. An overhaul has been long overdue. Can you dig it?

4. Mr. Jacobs’ New TV

Jordan-Hare Stadium video board

Am I the only one who envisions Jay Jacobs picking this thing out, same as I did my 42” Vizio, but at some secret Ultra Wal-Mart where only big time AD’s are allowed to shop? I am? Ok—anyhow . . . It’s big.

And you can see the top of it when walking beside Lowder Hall (aka the Business Building).

Auburn's New Video Board

And here’s my favorite piece of new video board humor (so far):

If you’re interested in the video board’s construction, here’s video of one of the video panels being lowered into position.

5. Tree No. 3

Auburn Replacement Oak W Samford Ave

Forgive me. I know we covered this one sufficiently yesterday, but I didn’t want to leave it out here. It’s the tree that might’ve been a Toomer’s Oak.

The changes are happening fast. They must—especially some of these, in the window between A-Day and kickoff. That window is closing fast. Kickoff is nearly upon us.

It’s a fun time to keep an eye on Auburn. It’s gonna be fun this fall to keep an eye on the Tigers. War Eagle!

Got other photos that need to be here? Please let us know.

While this post focuses on the way things look now, if you’re also interested in the way things used to be, please check out 10 Things at Auburn That Ain’t the Way They Were 15 Years Ago.