**UPDATE** I just happened to come across the following at the official AU website.

Auburn fans are encouraged to wear orange to the game. The Athletics Department will distribute orange shakers in the official AU seating sections.

Kind of interesting that they are distributing orange shakers, since that is what they did for the previous two games, both of which were True Blue. **END UPDATE**

One of my motivations for writing Orange Is Our Color was to answer the question of why we still wear Tuberville orange. Of course, as the book neared completion, signs of the end for All Auburn All Orange All the Time were becoming easier to see, the clearest being the announcement that the biggest game of the year in 2013, the Iron Bowl, would be a True Blue game.

In conjunction with engaging the transition, I ended the book with this line:

I believe we will win the True Blue game.

After we won the True Blue game, a few people landed on this site after googlin’ “Auburn wear what color to SEC championship.”

So, this is a thing now—we know we’re all supposed to wear the same color to the game, but sometime during the week we look to the sideline and get the call: orange or blue. For the first big game of 2014, however, the sideline is looking to us.

I almost retweeted the above to help insure everyone had opportunity who wanted to vote. I stopped myself just in time, realizing that retweeting would cast a vote for blue. I instead clicked favorite, and I cannot deny my decision is based partially on the fact that, you know, I just wrote a book called Orange Is Our Color.

Anyhow—what say you? What color should the Auburn Family wear to Pasadena? Do you care? Are you glad the football program is asking the fans what they want to do? Regarding that last question, it will be interesting to see whether the decision is announced as the result of that one tweet. As I type right now, orange is in the lead, 778 to 609 (just 56% to 44%).

War Eagle! Beat FSU!