2013 Auburn Football Predictions

Today we’ll run down a few predictions for Auburn’s 2013 season. I will also share one or two of my own. If you like to see Gus Malzahn break down plays on a white board, we’ve got a video embedded below that pertains to one of the predictions.

Let’s start with the most mainstream, down home prediction possible and break it down a little. The voters at SEC Media Days picked Auburn to finish fifth in the SEC west. How many wins does that mean? Because they picked Alabama to win the SEC by such a landslide, I am figuring they project UAT to lose zero conference games. From there the breakdown is LSU, 1–2 losses; Texas A&M, 2–3 losses; Ole Miss, 4 losses; and Auburn, 5 conference losses.

Most everyone agrees Auburn will win our four non-conference games, so predicting five conference losses equates to a seven-win season. Have I interpreted that correctly?

Seven wins more or less jives with Paul Myerberg’s prediction. He says we will win at least six games—beating the non-conference opponents plus two of what he considers our beatable conference opponents: both Mississippis, Arkansas and Tennessee. He says it’s possible we could sweep these winnable conference games. Thus, his prediction is basically 6–8 wins.

The most valuable thing about Myerberg’s write up is that he nominates Gimel President for the All-name team, which reminds me I want to do a player profile of sorts on Mr. President.

Ok—having looked at some standard, general previews, let’s now engage some more specific predictions. Firstly, you may have seen previously that I am predicting Cody Parkey will win the 2013 Lou Groza Award. Here is a prediction that is even more specific.

The Tiger Talk’s prediction of how we will score the first touchdown of 2013 reminds me of this video of Gus Malzahn breaking down the buck sweep.

When it works, it looks like this:

Now, in case anyone is wondering how many games I think Auburn will win this season, here it is: at least nine games. Seriously? Yes. What nine games? the four non-conference, both mississippis, Arky, UT and Alabama.

What?! What?! What?!

Yes, we will beat Alabama. I will explain why in another post. In case you think I am the most optimistic barner on the planet, try this on for size.

Boom. There it is. The 2013 Auburn Tigers—14 wins. Think it can’t happen? You’re not alone. You wouldn’t have been last time either.

War Eagle!

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3 thoughts on “2013 Auburn Football Predictions

  1. I’m optimistic this year that we will make a bowl game with 7 or 8 wins. However if Nick Marshall turns out to be all that many predict he will be, then I can foresee us being better. A lot also depends on whether or not our defense can improve over last year. We should score a lot of points so if the defense can get some stops we will win some games we probably aren’t expected to win just by outscoring the other team. It should be an interesting year but a bowl appearance, even if a lesser bowl, would be a step in the right direction.


    • I agree that any bowl will show progress. How the season is ultimately perceived may have less to do with wins and losses, and more to do with how the team just looks—especially on defense, as you suggest.


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