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If you found out about Auburn University and consider applying to it, here are some convincing reasons to do it.
1. Big institution
Auburn University is one of the biggest universities in Alabama. At the same time, it’s located in a small city so that you won’t suffer from the hustle and bustle of city life.
2. Football
Auburn University has its own football team Auburn Tigers that had been existing since 1892 and competes in NCAA, FBS, and SEC. Be sure you won’t resist the desire to attend all games. Trust your assignments to EssayBot not to miss the game days.
3. Top-notch education
The U.S. News and World Report ranked Auburn 44th among all public universities in the USA and 104th among all universities. Separate programs at Auburn were also highly rated by various journals and surveys.
4. Many programs
In Auburn, students can choose from more than 150 majors and develop individual academic plans. Here students can learn everything from Nursing to Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. If you used to rely on educational writing services, choose Speedy Paper. Read SpeedyPaper review to be sure that its experts can cover any discipline.
5. Good location
Although Auburn is a small town, entering Auburn University will give you a lot of opportunities to see the world. For example, a seaside is a few hours away from Auburn. Get excellent knowledge, take trips on weekends, and enjoy campus life to the full.
6. Scholarships
Almost 60% of first-year students at Auburn University get a scholarship. There are various categories of students who are eligible to get it. Use professional writing services to increase your chances. UnemployedProfessors reviews written by customers report about the perfect quality of the writers’ performance. Your scholarship essay will surely be persuasive.
7. Family spirit
Here all students feel like home and support each other. Alumni can organize events and meet from time to time to share memories. Be sure that you’ll find lifetime friends and, perhaps, your soulmate at Auburn University.
8. Long traditions
Tiger is a mascot of the university. Not only athletes, but all students associate themselves with Auburn Tigers. Hey Day obliges all students to wear name tags and say hello to each person they meet. A-Day is one day in spring when tigers play a scrimmage game before the season. To explore all traditions, you need to apply to Auburn.
9. Research university
Auburn University has lots of research facilities. University and its researchers carry out the studies by themselves and quite often are awarded money in research projects from state and private funds.
10. Student life
Auburn’s students are named the happiest students in the USA by The Princeton Review. Students can join various clubs, committees, and organizations to break their studying routine — address Online Class King in case of difficulties with studying and devote time to yourself. Online Class King reviews let people trust this service.