Kevin Porter

Two Interceptions, Two Tiger Touchdowns

Today on Twitter the always informative @AU_History pointed out the visual similarity of Brian Robinson’s interception return for touchdown against LSU in 1994 to Kevin Porter’s score against Florida State in 1985. With his permission, I thought it might be fun to present the two videos here together for your review. I’ve got both videos…

Kick Six from Student Section

Top Six ‘Kick Six’ Fan Videos

I decided to collect all the Kick Six Zapruder films in one post, but then discovered a few that are plain unwatchable (too shaky, blurry, etc.). So instead of all the ones I could find, here’s my top six. No. 6—scott brown Scott Brown’s footage isn’t a very good view of the play, but it…

Courtney Taylor 2014

Auburn Tigers Playing Canadian Football in 2014

I realize that title sounds like Auburn has withdrawn from the conference—and even the country—but who wants to say former Auburn Tigers? Family is family, right? War Eagle Always. The War Eagle Reader scooped me on Prechae Rodriguez’ Arena Football catch-of-the-week, but it reminded me that I heard something about Courtney Taylor making a CFL…

Tommy Tuberville and Paul Bryant

Tommy Tuberville vs. Paul Bryant

The above mural provides the ambiance to one section of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Pelham. Might it be the only piece of art depicting Tommy Tuberville with Paul Bryant, or at least the only work that features these two coaches as the chief figures of Auburn and Alabama football? Most patrons likely glance at…

Auburn University Chapel

July 1, 2014

I did it. I went a whole month without posting anything here. I’ve got some things to share with you, but not today. Today there’s only this:     We pray God’s comfort for his friends and family. By all the Auburn Family he will be dearly missed.

Auburn 2010 BCS Crystal Ball Trophy

3 Reasons Auburn Will Win It All In 2014

In 2014 Auburn will try to do something no team has done since 1998—win a second consecutive SEC Championship. The expectations, however, do not stop there. The Tigers’ 2014 will start at Auburn with a win over Arkansas. It will conclude with a championship win in Arlington. The reasons for this confidence are many, the…


Taking a Break

I won’t post anything here during the month of June. I’ve started another big project, but I won’t make any progress unless I really hone in on it, like I did on my last big project. I don’t want this see-you-later post to be the top story for a month, so I’m posting it right…

Auburn Magazine Orange Is Our Color

‘Orange Is Our Color’ in Auburn Magazine

When the Winter 2013 issue of Auburn Magazine was released—the week of the Iron Bowl—I was ecstatically surprised to learn it included a publication announcement for Orange Is Our Color. I considered at the time taking a picture of the page and posting it here, but, then I thought, they put the magazine online, so…